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About Vedic Math School

Vedic Math School is a leading organisation who conducts workshops and seminars in related to Vedic Math. Vedic Math is a very old methodology mathematics techniques that used to be taught by gurus to their disciples in Vedic Era. Using Vedic Math one can solve complex problems very easily. These techniques are not been taught in any schools and colleges and value of math was getting depleted. So to get rid from the fear of math to make math easy and fun, Vedic Math School has started conducting workshops and seminars in different schools and colleges.

Why Vedic Math School opted for Digital Marketing ?

It was really important for Vedic Math School spread the knowledge of Vedic Math across India, for that it was really important to Create Content. As no one was knowing about Vedic Math, it was important to bring Vedic Math in the presence of people. It was essential to make it easy to access to Vedic Math School.

Why DigiBloq ?

DigiBloq, which is one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, has got a handful of experience in Digital Marketing. We have got a team of experts who have years of experience in the same who can easily take care of Digital Marketing needs. Our expertise in finding prospects, clients, organic traffic and advertising campaigns are remarkable.

We have experience in increasing leads by four times than before and the driven 300 times organic traffic into our clients sites. We have Experienced Content Writers who can write explanatory content for Vedic Math.

What did DigiBloq did for them that changed their mind ?


  • Increased Responsiveness :Their website was Mobile optimized to increase  customers engagement which would increase profit.
  • Managing Social Media:We Created and Maintained their different social media accounts. We maintained their social media reputations and online reputation.
  • Content Marketing Our Content Writers has dedicated their time and afford to understand what Vedic Math is and they have started writing content for Vedic Math so that the readers who come to their site would get engaged reading and understanding about Vedic Math.
  • Google My Business As most of the people would searching for Vedic Math using google we let then know that there is a Vedic Math School in who does workshops and seminar.  We registered them with Google My Business.



A New Change, A Growth, A New Phase of Vedic Math School

More Visitors to the website

People started coming to website and started asking about Vedic Math. There were a lot of workshop requests.

Vedic Math Formula and Vedic Math Examples are Featured on Google

Most of the users who search for Vedic Math Example and Vedic Math Formula are able to see the featured results in the google.

Finally Get the Result

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