Growth hacking is more of a mindset than a toolkit.

There might be a lot of products in the market which will be similar to those of yours. What makes you different ? Why would one choose your product over others ?

Product might be similar but it matters how you reach out the customers, which matters the most.

Few most commonly used techniques are:

To be fight with the big fish in the ocean, you need to know the way to defeat it.


Let your customers know that you are actively interested in doing something good for them. Giveaways is one such way.

Viral Sign-Up Form

Getting the users to create an account in your site is not a cup of tea. Creating a beautiful and login pages with combination of ui and ux would be one of theway to attract them.

Get Featured on Top Sites

Let your product be ranked at the top ranking sites. ProductHunt and Hacker Ranks are few of such sites. You have a worth if your product is been featured by these sites.


Some facts that you should know

  • The number of users who stick with an app in their phone after installing may be just 10 to 12 percent.
  • Attracting a new client or customer will cost you more than having an existing customer.
  • Most of your revenue will come from the existing customers than the new customers.

and many more…

Your Product is just Launched in the online world..

Its Growth is a big responsibility...

It takes creative ideas, knowing marketing strategies, being updated , and continuous working on it to promote it, to reach to the people , engaging them and turning them from the leads to customers.
Ready fly?


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