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What is Geofencing: ? How to target the Local Audience

If you are Digital Marketer, if you are not aware of what is Geofencing then this is for you. With Geofencing you can target the local audience



Wondering How to make use of Geofencing in Digital Marketing? Before that let’s know what is Geofencing.

Geofencing is a virtual geographic boundary for a real-world geographic area, set by RFID or GPS technology. Whenever a user enters or leaves a particular place then a response is triggered by the software in the mobile device.

In a radius around a location, a geofence can be generated dynamically. Mostly it is predefined such as office zone, school zone, and so on.

Now as we know what is geofencing, we shall know the application where the geofencing is used.

It is used to send a certain kind of message whenever a user enters into particular geolocation (Location Based Service).

What is Geofencing in terms of Advertising & Marketing?

Geofencing is a blessing to marketers and advertisers. Marketers and Advertisers can show location-based ads. Marketers use the zip codes, GPS coordinates, street addresses, using latitude and longitude, and IP address. They get all these details from the Geofencing.

Based on Geofencing advertisers and marketers find out the best place to advertise. It could be concerts, sports events, conferences, etc. in stadiums, convention centers, malls, outlets, parks, neighborhoods.

They can conduct events based on the number of users of a particular product by analyzing marketing.

Using the Geofencing, you can track the customers who came to the shop after watching the ad. One can limit their ad spending and increase better ROI. Making use of analytics, the advertisers and marketers can spend their money on advertisements.

With the help of Geofencing, you can advertise in a place where there are potential customers.

If you are a digital marketer with the help of geofencing, if someone enters into a particular location where you are selling your products then you can send a message or mail to the users’ phone, so that there are more chances that the users might show interest in it and could potentially buy the product. As A Digital Marketer, you can make use of some creative ideas to make ads more effective and attract more audiences.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using GeoFencing. 


  1. Based on the location and needs of people at a certain location the digital marketers can make ads.
  2. As a Digital Marketer if you want to bring more local customers to your store then make use of Geofencing. Because Geofencing makes use of the GPS System. It just targets a certain location.
  3. Go Beyond !! Geofencing can be done on laptops, tablets, cars, and as well as mobile. It can be done any device which has GPS and internet connection in it. It all depends on How digital marketers can make use of these devices and users in that particular geofencing area to advertise and get the customers.
  4. Geofencing is an extremely powerful digital marketing tool, however, the marketers should know how it should be executed. With geofencing marketing, marketers can reach more people living in certain locations.
  5. If the Digital Marketer is targeting users using Geofencing then there are more chances that the users will get converted into customers.
  6. Keep your audience precisely. Make sure you imprint the brand in the audience’s mind. Get Genuine customers.
  7. Create your content based on the audience. This will make a personal connection with customers.
  8. Releasing a new product would become simple. Retargeting the existing customers would help to promote the new product easily in that area.


  1. Unfortunately, the Geofencing won’t work if the user is not in the Geofencing area.
  2. Geofencing won’t be working if the user doesn’t have a device that does not support the geofencing features.
  3. User has to permit to allow the GPS and Internet facility and other features to get the location-based customized ads.
  4. The user should be using the phone at the stop. if the user is not accessing the phone then the marketers cant take advantage of it.
  5. Marketers need to make sure that the right kind of ads is shown to the right users. If the ads show about buying a car and a user already has a car then that ad will go in vain.

Who can make use of Geofencing Marketing

  1. A Small Retail shop to a big shopping mall at a certain location can make use of Geofencing Marketing to target users of a certain radius.
  2. A Business Owner who owns a local business can make use of this to get local clients.
  3. Those companies want to spread their wings in various places.
  4. Restaurants, Health.

How to make use of the Geofencing to attract more audiences?

  1. Create Ads based on the location.
  2. Promote the products in the local language.
  3. Provide Giveaways.
  4. Provide free samples of products at certain stores.
  5. Provide Discounts or coupons at certain Stores on Certain Products.
  6. Connect with celebrities or great personalities of that area and with the help of them advertise on certain products. This makes an impact.

Setting up Google Ads based on geofencing is easy. One has to follow a few steps to do that. Set up your ads and provide details like country, State, Zip Code, City, State, and so on.

Learn More about the Geofencing from the Southern Oregon University.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geofencing Marketing?

Marketing based on the Location is known as Geofencing Marketing. 

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing means certain boundaries created on certain Geographical Location. 

How Does Geofencing Marketing Work?

If you are targeting customers at a certain location then you are working on the model of Geofencing. If your Marketing is limited to a certain location then it is known as Geofencing Marketing.

Is Geofencing Expensive?

No Geofencing is not expensive. It all depends on how much you spend on Google Ads.

Why Should I Start Geofencing Marketing?

if you want to capture the local market and drag all the potential customers to you then you should start geofencing marketing.

How do you set up geofencing marketing?

To set up the geofencing marketing You have to do the following things

  • Fix your geographical location where you want to target
  • Find Research the Keywords
  • Create an Actionable ad
  • Make use of the Growth Hacking Techniques

Yes, Using GeoFencing is Legal and Many Digital Marketing Companies and Many Companies make use of it.

What companies use geofencing?

Restaurants, Local Business Apps, Hospitals, Schools, and colleges all make use of the GeoFencing.

How effective is geofencing?

There are more chances that the local audience will become your regular customers and your business might really grow up.


If you are Digital Marketer and have not made use of the Geofencing then you are missing a great thing. You have already learned what is Geofencing, what kind of Industries to do make use of the Geofencing, and why and how they use it. You too can use the same techniques to run the ads.

But if you want to make the excessive use of Geofencing and want more potential customers in your area to know you and become your user then our experts will help you with that. Feel free to contact us whenever you like.



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If you are Digital Marketer, if you are not aware of what is Geofencing then this is for you. With Geofencing you can target the local audience
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