Vedic Maths School is The Leading Vedic Maths Training Institute 🏆 in India and is known for developing, researching, And training Vedic Mathematics. Vedic Maths is a Mental Mathematics technique used to improve the mental mathematical ability of the student.

vedic maths case study by digibloq
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Why did Vedic Math School opt for Digital Marketing?

vedic maths school case study by digibloq

It was really important for Vedic Math School to spread the knowledge of Vedic Math across India, and for that, it was really important to Create Content. As no one knew about Vedic Math, it was important to bring Vedic Math into the presence of people. It was essential to make it easy to access Vedic Math School.

Why Digibloq?

DigiBloq, one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi, has got a handful of experience in Digital Marketing. We have a team of experts who have years of experience and can easily take care of Digital Marketing needs. Our expertise in finding prospects, clients, Organic Traffic, and advertising campaigns is remarkable.

digibloq digital marketing agency
The Approach and Solution by digibloq

The Approach and Solution

Vedic Math School needed a way for them to show their content and highlight the Course they provide. It was a difficult task, especially as they shared important guidance about training programs and how they help students.

This project focused heavily on user experience. We designed a more logical information architecture that made it easy to find and browse all the content. It was also possible to enhance their storytelling and showcase their important work.

The Results

The Results case study by digibloq

Connect with Us

In the world of competition, when you need to win the race of getting clients, you have to have your business online. You might raise a question, and businesses like us already have their business online; how will mine make a difference?

The answer to that is, People do have a misconception that having a website of their business on the internet, then their business is online. That is not true. Digital Marketing plays an important role in that. They have to make their business visible to people in many forms.

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