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Digibloq, a B2B lead generation company, focuses on producing qualified leads for B2B businesses. Our lead generation specialists can help you identify the right prospects for your sales team, increase conversion, or secure great customers.

If you want to get more Customers
then you must focus on generating

Digibloq Lead Generation Service

Digibloq has worked with many great B2B companies and understands that businesses need to be very targeted in their lead generation efforts. We put a lot into understanding your company’s goals and your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). 

This information is invaluable and allows us to create a customized lead generation strategy. The strategy is then implemented using consistent messaging across all digital marketing channels.

Sales Qualified B2B Lead Generation Service

Every day, your sales team searches for qualified leads. We create a lot of them and route them to your sales team. We are your extended team of demand generation experts and sales enablement specialists. We deliver leads when you order them.

Digibloq B2B Lead Generation Service that Drives Revenue

Digibloq uses marketing automation to help you structure and implement your lead generation strategy. Automation allows You to scale it and optimize it as needed quickly.

Buyer behavior has changed, and lead generation strategies must adapt to this changing environment. Lead generation strategies must be creative and adaptable to delight educated and highly informed customers. We’re here to help.

Businesses need leads to survive. It is well-known. It’s challenging to create a machine that generates leads and converts them into sales. We work closely with you to ensure that our demand generation strategies are multi-channel.

Personalization is an essential aspect of lead generation. We are obsessive about it. Our marketing campaigns are highly personal. Personalization allows you to build genuine, long-lasting relationships with your customers and prospects.

Your Brand /Business is of no use if you are not able to generate and manage leads for your business.

Few things that are involved in lead generation are:

BANT Qualified Lead Generation

BANT is an acronym for Budget, Authority, Needs, And Timeline. It is a sales lead qualification process designed to identify leads worth pursuing. 

BANT Qualified Leads had answered all questions and met the criteria for being a good fit for your product. You can find out how close they are to making a purchase decision here

MQL Lead Generation

Marketing qualified leads (MQL) are leads with high conversion potential. They typically sit at the top of a sales funnel. MQLs can be identified by monitoring visitors interested in whitepapers posted on Techresearchonline.com. This is often done by downloading the whitepapers through a custom landing page.

To uncover more profound insights about identified leads, In MQL, you can run an intent-based-content syndication program. A tool that uses AI to automate interpreting behavioral data from leads is used.


HQL Lead Generation

After being screened, qualified, and rated for inside sales readiness, the MQLs can be contacted. We will identify prospects interested in receiving calls back from inside sales reps. Quick responses to questions are crucial at this stage. It is essential to maintain a constant dialogue between sales and marketing teams.

Instead, the sales team should continue to tell the same story as marketing because It is best to avoid sharing repetitive information. This assumes that leads don’t know anything about your products or services.

Sales of B2B lead generation

Our lead generation company helps reduce the stress on your sales team by taking care of all aspects of generating qualified leads for your business. Our expert sales team will handle all sales-related activities.

Customers are drawn

We use an inbound approach, including paid search and content marketing, to generate leads. To attract potential customers, our Lead generation company uses interactive marketing strategies.

Continued Follow-ups

With conversion rates improving rapidly, the team ensures that they continue to follow up with the leads generated. The team pulls in the right leads and checks them once before forwarding them to the company.

Functionality for Online Lead Generation Services

Paying attention to lead generation is essential as it is the first step in bringing customers into the company. This team generates what you will use to increase the company’s customer base. The CRM team will then convert those leads into customers.

Our team conceptualizes the campaigns that generate leads and implements them to get validated leads. Clients or their marketing/sales managers receive qualified leads via email.

Why Choose Digibloq Lead Generation Service

Get 3X more leads with our new lead generation approach, increasing your ROI. You can get more leads for your marketing and sales to funnel with the same budget.

Audience Reach

Get in touch with your target audience directly. Select your target audience or Professionals to create your custom list

Install Base Targeting

Analyzing the user base of competitors and partners and the data on their install bases can reveal new insights about buyer preferences and profiles.

Target List Building

Our list-building service will help you build relevant and accurate lists. You can either choose your target list filters or use ours. We can also create a Lookalike Audience of your CRM data if you need new contacts.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Digibloq allows you to create an entire email campaign that targets your audience. You can either provide a list or define your audience. Digibloq's reach to complete the entire lifecycle of an email campaign.

Answer lies in your hands if you want to get engaged with your customers or leave it in hands of your competitors.

Capture your Leads

Based upon your Brand / Business, know your target users. know who might be the potential user and then capture your leads.

Maintain Track of your Leads

Just by capturing your leads doesn't means that they would become your potential customers. Maintain their track and know more about them.

Getting Engaged with your Leads

Why would you even wait if you know that your leads can be converted into your client/ customers ? Get Engaged with them right now.

Scale up your Lead Generation

To boom up your business all you have to do is to keep scaling up up your leads by maintaining your old leads and growing up your new leads.

Stats about Leads that Might Scare you

We have Expertise in B2B Lead Generation Businesses

Use lead nurturing solutions to identify genuine purchase intent and drive other sales-ready decision-makers down your sales funnel. 

We Focus on Decision Makers, which makes the conversion easier. Our Lead Profile includes CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, Directors, VP & AVPs, Senior Management, Manager, and Global Operation Head. 

Use lead nurturing solutions to identify genuine purchase intent and drive other sales-ready decision-makers down your sales funnel. 

We Focus on Decision Makers, which makes the conversion easier. Our Lead Profile includes CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, Directors, VP & AVPs, Senior Management, Manager, and Global Operation Head. 

Have a hold on your leads

Its now or never, If you wont have hold of your leads then someone else will turn them into their customers.

Digibloq Qualified Lead Guarantee

Digibloq provides leads through unique web platforms owned and managed exclusively by Digibloq. The leads are subject to manual verification and qualification filters at the beginning of the campaign.

Digibloq guarantees that all leads are manually validated and meet a fundamental requirement. Digibloq offers support and consultation to clients. Clients can also request replacement leads from their leads panel. We Deliver Quality, Verified Leads.

Are you a small startup or business struggling to find leads? Our B2B lead generation services will help you gain qualified leads, allowing your company to grow exponentially.

Now What?

Digibloq offers targeted and qualified leads for both B2B and B2C markets. A lead generation company is a critical component of digital marketing services. It can help you connect with customers based on their interest in the Products/services.

Digibloq, a B2B marketing agency, specializes in lead generation. Our demand generation consultants will work with you to build your sales pipeline with high-quality leads.  

Digibloq offers Effective Lead Generation Services that help online businesses grow through paid promotions or organic website optimization.

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