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Social Media allows you to connect, interact, share,
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through one platform.

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Are you Promoting your product on Social Media?

It is important to be active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Social Media allows you to interact with customers and increases lead generation speed. Advertising isn’t linear anymore. Social Media Optimization has given word of mouth a new meaning.

Place of Engagement with clients: Social Media

Raise and Shine in the Digital World Using the Media. Let people know who you are, and what is your brand/ business worth. Know your customer’s lives, interact with them, and make your brand worth to them. 

Share Content, Photos, Videos, and Links there, and let your brand trend there using hashtags.

Advantages of using Social Media for your Brand / Business:

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Is your Product being Promoted on Social Media?

It is crucial to be present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It helps to Engage with your customers and increase lead generation speed.

Advertising isn’t linear anymore. However, Social Media Optimization has given word-of-mouth a whole new meaning. 70% of people who use Social Media listen closely to the conversations their friends and contacts are having online. After seeing a Social Ad, the most popular activity is to Like a Post.

The way consumers communicate with us has changed and you can’t stay behind your competitor.

Social Media Marketing Service

Are people aware of your product in Social Media ? 

It is important to have your presence in Social Media which includes various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked-In and so on.

Get your customers engaged and get more lead generation

social media marketing

70% of Social Media users listen to what their friends and contacts say online. After seeing a Social Ad, the most popular activity is to Like a Post.

Social Media Facts

These are just some of the facts that support social media optimization’s importance and effectiveness

29% of social media users are most likely to interact with organizations via Facebook.
10 %
Over 1/4th of social media users pay close attention to ads posted on their Facebook friends' sites.
10 %
71% of Instagram users belong to millennials, so target them with relevant products.
30 %

How Social Media can Help your Business

social media marketing

It’s impossible to stay in the same place as your competitor when consumers communicate with you. Make your digital presence shine, and others should know your business/brand via social media. This will increase the value of your brand. Social media is a great way for your business to be promoted.

How Digibloq Help you in Better Social Media Advertising

Social media can build loyalty and recognition and gain more clients. We are a leader in social media advertising, lead generation and reputation management. As a result, we can improve the virality and engagement of your content, optimize your spending, and generate more leads.

We use the most current ad formats and analytics insights to deliver exceptional performance. We are focused on:

Digibloq Social Media Marketing Service Includes

Social advertising has a greater reach and engagement than Search and lower CPCs. Combining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google can make a great advertising strategy. It can yield lucrative results if executed properly. We are experts in the following platforms and can assist you with our in-house team:

Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Instagram Ads

Quora, Pinterest Advertising

Social Remarketing and Lead Generation.

Optimization of Conversion Rates.

Website Designing Case Study of An EdTech Startup

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