Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click can immediately impact your brand and increase exposure through first-page exposure via major search engines. Our experts will help you with tools, strategy, and implementation to achieve maximum results.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC), a powerful and efficient digital advertising tool, can help you increase your success. Digibloq PPC services have many benefits, including higher lead generation, better conversions, and a higher ROI.

Digibloq uses a data-driven approach to prioritize PPC services to maximize your brand’s connections with potential and existing customers. These are just a few ways our PPC services can benefit your business.
You will see consistent, immediate results

  • Increase brand visibility
  • It’s simple to get started
  • Experimentation Opportunities
  • Faster and more reliable than traditional advertising

Why is PPC a Good Investment for Your company?

PPC marketing can be a great investment because of many reasons. If done right, PPC marketing can be a great way for brands to stay ahead of their competition. You will see more results if you promote your products and services more often on search engines.

  • Connect with local audiences for better local visibility and understanding of the market.
  • PPC advertising can be very beneficial for businesses looking for fast results.
  • You can outrank your competitors by appearing in their keywords.
  • Targeted traffic to your site will allow you to reach your customers instantly. This will allow you to reach more customers.
  • You can increase your ROI and revenue by generating qualified leads at a higher conversion rate.

PPC Facts

40 %
Customers are up to 70% more likely to buy your product when you use retargeting.
10 %
Conversion rates can be boosted beyond 40% by combining similar audiences with display remarketing campaigns.
50 %
94% of users skip search ads and go straight to organic results.

How will Digibloq Help you in PPC Advertising?

Digibloq offers PPC consulting services that will help you create successful marketing campaigns. We are a Growing PPC service provider and strive to increase digital revenues for our clients through the best PPC strategies. These core strengths allow us to be a leader within the PPC market.

You will have a dedicated project manager

Every brand has a project manager, regardless of how large or small the project is. The project manager is responsible for delivering high-quality results regularly.

Target Relevant Audience

It is not easy to invest money and not get returns. This is due to not targeting the right audience. Our PPC campaign targets the right audience to maximize your budget, generate high-quality leads, and maximize your budget.

We can help you increase your ROI

Our PPC services are designed to improve our client's ROI. Our PPC services generate more leads for brands, increasing their revenue.

Regular Reporting

We make sure that our clients get the most current performance reports. These reports can help you develop a plan to increase performance and results over time.

Digibloq PPC Advertising Services Includes

Digibloq Helps you in Text and Video Advertisement, Remarketing, Google Shopping Ads, Mobile Advertising, and Social Media Advertising. 

All those marketing will happen with different goals like conversion, impression, view, subscription, lead generation, and more. With as little as a 5% decrease in CPAs and a 50% increase in conversions, our clients have received a lot of value from us.

Check out our digital report card for a more detailed view of our PPC performance.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising has experienced exponential growth in the past few years due to increased smartphone penetration and better data connectivity.

Display Advertising

Display advertising, a powerful PPC strategy, gives digital marketers immense power because of its incredible reach.


A professional PPC agency would recommend remarketing as an advertising strategy. This allows you to display ads to users who have visited your site.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are essential for online retail marketing. Create campaigns and sell products to customers online.


Keyword targeting is a way to do PPC advertising via search advertising. You can refer to it as Paid Search or SEM and PPC.

Social Media Advertising

Social advertising has greater reach and engagement than Display and lower CPCs than Search. It's a powerful tool.

PPC Services Included

Our expertise is in Search, Display, and Shopping Ads. We use a carefully balanced mixture of social and Google ads to meet your business goals.

Register Account and Landing Page Setup

We will set up your Google Ads Account. We will help or create your landing pages and test them as per industry standards. Our PPC Services Included:


Optimizing Existing PPC Campaigns

As part of our strategic engagements, we optimize PPC campaigns on behalf of brands. This helps us improve our clients’ ROI. You can conduct multiple A/B testing campaigns on PPC ad format to increase conversions for brands investing the same amount or less.

PPC Performance Reporting

Your team will receive monthly reports informing them about the PPC campaign’s progress. We will inform you about campaign expenditures and improvements through transparent and informative reports.

Choose the Best PPC Services Company

For targeted traffic, pay-per-click advertising works best. Each click costs money. It’s easy for a poor-managed PPC Campaign to cost you your budget if you don’t partner with a reliable PPC Services Company. Advertising mistakes include:

Ppc marketing

Pay Per Click Management & Advertising is a complicated process that requires extensive research. Therefore, a PPC Agency Like us should offer professional Pay Per Click advertising. This will guarantee you the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

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