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Amazon Storefront : Know All about Amazon Storefront

Amazon Storefront is a platform provided by Amazon to small and mid level businesses to start their own store with their own brand and sell their products



Amazon Storefront: What is it and how to start it?

If you are reading this article now and want to start your own Amazon Storefront then remember that there are millions of stores that are already set up by now and by the time you will finish reading this article there will be 100s of people who might have opened the store by now. But still, you can beat all and can attract customers to your store and make them purchase from your store. For that, you need to know a lot of things. 

  • Let’s start with, Opening an Amazon storefront.
  • Create an Amazon Store, and start building trust with shoppers. 
  • Set Your Own Brand Over there.
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Amazon Storefront

How can you create your own Amazon Store?

Follow the 9 simple steps and create your own Amazon Store

Join in the Amazon Brand Registry program

  • If you are a brand or a company and want to join Amazon StoreFront then you must enroll in Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Amazon Brand Registry is a program that will safeguard your brand and products so that people cant copy your brand. You will get access to search and reporting tools if you will be a part of the Amazon Registry Product. Amazon keeps on monitoring its website for those products that are trying to copy you.
  • To Apply for Amazon Brand Registry you need to have an image-based or text-based trademark and this trademark should be issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Follow the below process to proceed for the trademark and apply for the Amazon Brand Registry.

  • Log in to your Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Seller Central account.
  • Add your brand name. This name should own the active registered trademark
  • Give your government-registered trademark number.
  • List the products that belong to this category and the brand.
  • List the countries that produce and distribute your brand’s products.
  • Submit this application
  • Once your application is submitted, Amazon will review your application.
  • Amazon will contact you during the review process as you are associated with the registered trademark. Amazon will ask you certain questions about the brand and you have to answer these questions, and then Amazon will decide whether your brand meets its Amazon Brand Registry requirements.
  • It might take a day to a month to get approval for Amazon Brand Registry.
  • You will receive a verification code from amazon which you can use to enroll in the program.
  • Once you get a verification code, Create your Amazon Store

Now follow the following steps:

  • Log into your Amazon Vendor Central or Amazon Seller Central account.
  • On the main navigation bar, you will see a “Storefront”. Click on it.
  • Select “Create Store”.
  • On the pop-up box, choose the brand name.
  • Click “Create Store”.

If you are not able to see your brand name in the popup box then your amazon brand registry is not properly enrolled. Make sure to enroll in the process mentioned above.

Only approved brands will appear when creating an Amazon storefront. These approved brand will be associated with your Amazon account.

  • Add your brand name and brand logo
  • Next, Amazon will redirect you to its builder for Amazon Stores.
  • Once you have added your brand name and brand logo, click “Next.” 
  • Choose a layout for your homepage. From the pre-created designs choose one.
  • Click on “Save” after customizing it.
  • Your homepage design options include:
  • Marquee:  Here you can showcase your brand products. 
  • Product highlight:  You can show a video related to your brand so as to attract your customers.
  • Product grid: Show all your products.
  • Add a page meta description. 
  • Keep your meta description should be short and simple. 
  • Add a tagline. This tagline should be related to your product so that the customers can contact you.
  • Click, “Save.”
  • Customize your Amazon Store design
  • Amazon’s storefront builder uses a drag-and-drop approach.
  • You can easily create a stunning store that will grab your customers’ attention. 
  • You can add your own products, text, videos, or images.
  • Add your products with a title. You can add links to the products.

To upload your product pics in bulk, follow these steps: 

  • Sign in to your Amazon Seller Account
  • Select “Inventory” from the navigation menu
  • Click “Add a Product” for a single product or “Add Products via Upload” for multiple products

1. Preview your Amazon storefront

Before you launch your Amazon Store, preview it. To do that,

Click “Preview” from the navigation bar. You can see how your store will look to others who will visit your store. You can even test your amazon store if everything is working fine or not.

2. Launch your Amazon Store

After completion of all the steps in the Amazon Store, you can launch it.

Click on “Submit for publishing” from the navigation bar. Amazon will approve your Amazon storefront after reviewing it. The complete process will take almost 72 hours.

This is how the complete amazon store is created.

FAQs about Amazon storefronts

What is an Amazon storefront?

An Amazon Store, which is commonly known as Amazon storefront, is a platform for Vendors and Sellers provided by Amazon. Here sellers and vendors can create a dedicated website where they can sell their products. Shoppers can explore and purchase these products.

Who can open an Amazon storefront?

Usually, Vendors and Sellers open the Amazon storefront. If you are any one of those then you can open an account over there. And to open an account, you must enroll in Amazon Brand Registry. For that, you should have active text- or image-based trademark.

How much is an Amazon storefront?

Setting up an Amazon storefront is completely free. You don’t have to pay any penny for Amazon Store. But if you want to subscribe to the Professional selling plan, you have to pay for it.


Well, by now you know how to set up the Amazon Storefront. You can set up your own Storefront now. But what about Marketing the products which you are trying to sell there? Need a team who can help you? 

Here we are there to help you with your marketing. Feel free to contact us if in case you need any help with marketing and we shall be there for you.



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Amazon Storefront is a platform provided by Amazon to small and mid level businesses to start their own store with their own brand and sell their products
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