Portfolio Website Examples

Portfolio Website Examples

Portfoliobox is a place where you can create your online portfolio. This portfolio will be a website where you will be mentioning everything about you and will showcase it to the world so that that the world will know about you.

You can showcase your expertise over there you can show your works, projects, and everything that you have done over here.

This portfoliobox can be used by anyone, From the students to professionals. From freelancers to the CEO of the companies. Designers to Photographers, everyone can use it. Craft and showcase it to the world and know your worth.

It not just to showcase your skills. Here you can even sell your skills. You can market your skill. You can even find your competitors. You can learn from them and improve your skill. You can find valuable and worthy customers who value your skills over here. You can connect with like-minded people.

If you are looking for a person with a good skill then this is the right place to search for. You will get the millions of options to find the relevant skills. You can choose the best one from here.

People from different professionals like Architect, Artist, Makeup Artist, Designer, Model, Musicians, Photographer, Retouchers, Stores, Students, and many more have used this one of the world’s best platform to show their creativity.

Here you can create multiple Pages, Stores, Blogs, and Sell your products and manage it.

Portfolio Website Examples
Portfolio Website Examples

How to Start with PortfolioBox?

To Create and Manage a Profile over here, follow the below steps:

  1. Initially, Go to the official PortfolioBox Website.
  2. Create an Account over here. (If you are not having one. Or else Loggin from your existing account).
  3. To Register yourself over there you should be more than 16 years old.
  4. After Registration, you will be you be redirected to the dashboard where you can change the font, change content, add new sections.
  5. Next, you can create new pages or change the existing pages as per your wish.
  6. When you will click on “Create New Page”, you will get an option to choose the kind of content you want to add.
  7. These content options contain Texts and Contacts, Gallery, Links, Services, CV, Team, Cover, Music, Testimonials.
  8. You can choose one among those as per your choice.
  9. On clicking your selected choice, you will be given a choice to select a template.
  10. Next, give a name to the page and proceed. A Page will be created.
  11. After that, you can edit the template as per your requirement. you can change the text, add images and do a lot of creative things over there. 
  12. To edit anything over there, click on the pen icon and you can change the content of that particular section.
  13. After completion of your editing and when things seem to be ready for you. Click on the Publish button.
  14. If you have a domain which you have purchased then you can then click on “Use the domain I own” or else If you want to buy a new domain then click on “Get a new domain”.
  15. Adding Custom CSS is also easy. All you have to do is to click on the Setting Button and Click on Custom CSS. In the Dialogue box, you can add your custom CSS and click on “Save” to save it.

Here you can start your own blog, your own store, and manage your client gallery.

To start your Blog

  1. Click on “Blog, Store, Click” which will be on the header.
  2. Click on Start your Blog
  3. Give a Blog title and Start your Blog.
  4. Your Blog is now created. 
  5. You can now view your blog, Add posts to your blogs, and change the settings of your blogs.

To add a new post, click on Add a new post

  1. Give a title and description of the post. You can even add images over there.
  2. To view your blog, click on the View Blog.

To Start Your New Store

  1. Click on “Blog, Store, Click” which will be on the header.
  2. Click on Start your Blog.
  3. Give a Store title and Start your Sore.
  4. Your Store is now created. 
  5. You can now view your Store, Add products to your store.

To add a new Product, click on Add a new Product

  1. Give a title, description, and price of your product. You can even add images of your product over there.
  2. To view your Store, click on the View Store.

What is PortfolioBox?

It is a platform where you can create your own portfolio. Here you can create multiple pages, blogs, and stores. In the blogs, you can write about yourself, add images, and do a lot more things. In the store, you can add your own products and can start selling it.

How do I make a portfolio?

To Create a portfolio go to the portfoliobox and create an account over there. Write about you and your make a portfolio over there.

How do I make a free digital photography portfolio?

To create a free Digital Photography Portfolios you can register yourself in the various portfolio websites and showcase your photography skills over there. 


If you have created your own Page/ Blog /Store in the portfoliobox and want to enhance it in a better way or having any trouble in this then you can feel free to contact us. Our experts would be ready to help you.


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