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Website Grader : Tools to Grade your Website

Do you want to measure the marketing effectiveness of your website? Then Website Grader is something that you need to know.

It is the combination of a set of tools that are used to measure the effectiveness of the website. It measures the following things and advice you on how to fix the errors and improve them.

  1. Meta tags, Meta Descriptions, and Title
  2. Javascript files and CSS
  3. 3Https effectiveness 
  4. Social Media
  5. SEO
  6. Website Traffic

and many other things

Just like different Social Media Tools, There are a lot of free and paid Website Graders available in the market.

Few of the best tools in the market are:

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

This tool takes your email id, website address and give the following results to the email id provided

  1. Performance
  2. SEO
  3. Mobile
  4. Security


This site will take your website link. It Checks accessibility, performance, experience, marketing, technologies, and social media.


This is also one of the leading sites which take the website address, doe the deep crawl, and produces the results. It also gives suggestions on what all should be done to improve the website performance and improve SEO. You can even download the results as a form of a PDF or a Slide.

Digibloq SEO Analysis

Digibloq, the Digital Marketing Agency in provides a Free SEO Service. Here you can give the email id of the website link. The results of the Scan will be sent to the email given by the user.

W3C validator

This will check the code on the website and like the HTML Tags like H1 tag, H2 Tag, CSS, Javascript.

Clarity Grader

Clarity Grader checks the sentence length, readability, passive language, and so on on the website for all the pages.


This website is explicitly used to check the meta tags of your website. It checks for the Title, Meta Tags, Meta Description and Image, and Logo of the website.


As Compared to other Grader, this is different. Other Graders usually check for the website performance, But this tool is used to test your Facebook ads account. It checks Facebook and Instagram advertising and gives the results. The results will be shown as a score from 1 to 100. It even checks the 30 days ads performance and produces the results. Based on the results It will tell you about the best ad performed.


As said earlier, there are a lot of tools in the market and each tool has got its own usage. Some tools will have the feature which will be missing in other tools. So the Question Raises here. How many tools and what tools you will be using to check your complete website?

Website Grader is just a tool. It won’t help you analyze your website and give you the results.

If you to know about how to make use of this tool and make your website reach out then our experts will help you with it. Feel free to contact us

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