What and Why Digital Marketing ?



You are lucky that you got this question in your mind, In this blog, you will get to know what and why Digital Marketing. First lets know what is it, and then we shall go ahead to why you should do Digital Media for Marketing.

So, What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is a way through which one does marketing using any electronic devices.

Prince Jha, CEO, DigiBloq

Let us give you all an example. In this world, where there are a lot of useful applications that are been developed by developers. These applications can change the life of the ordinary people but are not been exposed to the world.

Do you know why does it happens? This happens because the developers wont be having any idea how to do marking digitally. If fact, Most of the apps loose their value or may sometimes dont even enter into the Digital Market. Are you one among them ?

With the help of Digital Marketing, world would get to know about the application. It is a common fact that most of people use technologies these days. Hence,Marketing any product online has become easy and most of the products and services are been sold in online media. Marketing on the digital platform is spreading like a fire.

The best example of this can been seen in Youtube. See the number of ads that comes while you watch a movie in YouTube or watch videos in Facebook. You saw ads right. Here the Youtubers are making use of the Digital Platform which is Youtube to promote their products there.

Why Digital Marketing ?

  • It is a proven fact that one who is making use of Digital Marketing will have more clients than those who are not.
  • Its not hidden fact that most of your customers are online, in different Social Media and other sites.
  • Interact with your clients live, know their requirements live and their feedback too.
  • Your product is the best if it ranks at the top of the search engine.
  • Your Competitors are online too. Know how they are doing and who are their potential clients and source.
  • Based on the analytics and research know your target audience and reach them out easily.
  • You don’t have to spend your hard earned money by doing traditional marketing. Save time, Same money , affords and stay productive. With Digital Marketing reach more clients of yours easily, and with the time saved, refine your product.
  • Automate your marketing. with the helps of advance tools and techniques.
  • You don’t even have to keep replying to each and every client, automatically send emails to clients.
  • You can connect to your clients sitting at your home via online.
  • There will be a complete transparency here. You will have a record of each and every client and the product sold.
  • Generate Better Revenue using Data Driven Approach.
  • Facts says that using the digital platform for the marketing will increase the Conversion Rate.
  • It brings a faith in the customers mind.
  • The best part is one can start with a small budget.

By now you might be knowing that, In today’s date, No matter what ever kind of industry that might be, everyone is migrating into Digital Marketing.

From the Startup to the top notch industry, everyone are into trying to use the digital media as a platform to promote their goods and services and do marketing in the online media. This is not a surprising thing that the Traditional Marketing has been replaced by Digital Marketing.

There are a lot of things that you must know if you want know if you want to take your market to online business.

Social Media Marketing like the Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Quora Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing.

Moreover, If you really want to beat the other brand then you need to use high quality Images for your brand. So, accordingly you have to create banners and posters for your products and do the Digital Marketing of it.

Besides the above marketing techniques, You need to get the people who love your products and use your services to review your business. This will also help create your brand in digital world. This is how you can beat your both offline and online competitors. You can eventually target your competitors costumers and make them your customers.


To Remind you again, If you are looking for a platform or an Digital Marketing Agency who can help to grow up your business Digitally, Boost your sales using the data driven approach or any other services that will help to grow up or change the phase of your business then you can always feel free to contact our marketing experts. They will be ready to help you.



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