How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Learn How to Schedule Instagram Posts On Instagram and to you can engage your audience and and to promote your brand on Instagram to a larger extent.



In Digital Marketing, one of the major sources of attracting the traffic is Instagram. Instagram is a place where you can post images regarding your business and build your brand.

On Instagram, you can connect with the people who love your brand. You can easily promote your brand by posting beautiful pics about it and writing about it. Here you can engage your audience and know more about what they need. Instagram is one of the best sources for Social Media Marketing.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts
How to Schedule Instagram Posts

So if you want your customers to be engaged and get more leads using social media, you need to be consistent. It would be best if you keep posting regularly. It will help if you keep interacting with them. You need to be up to date over there. Your inconsistency many cause you to lose the value of yours over there.

But we all are humans, and there are chances that we can’t post every day. So we should schedule the post in advance on Instagram so that the schedule post will be posted on the scheduled time.

But the Biggest Question is How to Schedule Instagram posts?

Unfortunately, Instagram has not given any option to schedule any posts. 

So, How to Schedule Instagram posts?

There are so many applications by which you can schedule your post on Instagram. Few of the free and paid mobile and Web application which you can use to schedule a post

  1. Buffer:  Social Media Management Platform
  2. Hootsuite: Social Media Management with Social Media Dashboard
  3. Iconosquare: Analytics, management & scheduling platform
  4. CoSchedule: Agile marketing tools
  5. Later: #1 Marketing Platform for Instagram.
  6. Sendible: Social Media Management Tool for Agencies
  7. SproutSocial: Social Media Management Solutions
  8. ScheduGram: The #1 Instagram Scheduler
  9. ViralTag:  Social Media Marketing tool for sharing visuals across Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & more

Now as you learned what are the apps that we can use to schedule Instagram post, now we will learn,

How to Schedule Instagram Post using Later

  1. Go to your Calendar in Later on the web.
  2. To save time, drag and drop the media you want to schedule onto your Calendar.
  3. Edit your post
  4. Set the date and time you want the post to Schedule
  5. Set the post to Auto Publish or Notification.
  6. Tap Save to schedule the post.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts using Buffer

  1. Create a free account on Buffer
  2. Connect your social media accounts to Buffer. 
  3. Create your Post
  4. Link your URL shortener.
  5. Schedule your post.
  6. Share your content.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts using Hootsuite

  1. Create a free account on Hootsuite
  2. Connect your social media accounts to Hootsuite. 
  3. Click Compose Message. 
  4. Click the calendar icon. 
  5. Select the date and time when you want to schedule the post.
  6. Click on Schedule.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to schedule posts on Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to schedule posts on Instagram. However, Instagram has given a direct option for that or any internal feature for that. With the help of a few applications, we can surely schedule the posts.

Can you schedule posts on Instagram for free?

There are a few applications that provide free options to schedule posts on Instagram. The most famous and commonly used apps are Buffer and Hootsuite.

How do you schedule Instagram posts in 2020?

Make use of applications that are used to schedule the post on Instagram.  

What is the best app for scheduling Instagram posts?

There are a lot of apps which are used to schedule Instagram posts like

Sked Social, Buffer, Later, Tailwind,  Sprout Social, HootSuiteCoSchedule.

Each and Every Application has got its own feature. Some are free, and some are paid. Based on your requirements you can decide which one will suit the best for you.

How can I boost my Instagram?

To boost your Instagram, make the maximum use of Instagram Scheduler. Keep posting to get the maximum exposure for your Instagram Posts.   


So now, you have learned what all applications you need to schedule Instagram posts. But Does just posting will boost up your business? Will it just drive traffic to your site? Will your audience get engaged?

No, there are a lot of things you should do. Instagram Marketing is huge. Let’s talk about it in the comment section.



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