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How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Images?

There are so many formats of Images available. How to choose the best Digital Marketing Images? The best image would depend upon the image usage purpose.



In this era, Marketers need to attract their clients using Digital Marketing. One of the methods is using different kinds of Digital Marketing Images. Initially, marketers used to used four different image formats, namely TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG.

Tagged Image File Format

TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format. If you want to create a Large size Images then you can create a image and save it in the TIFF Image format.

Most of the photo software and layout software like Photoshops, InDesign, Quark use TIFF as the file type because the images in TIFF contain many image data. They are even flexible with colors like CMYK and RGB. 

If you want to print a High Quality Image without losing the Image Quality, then you should use print the Images with the TIFF File Extension.

If you are a Digital Marketer and want to use Digital Marketing Images to create Digital Marketing Banner or poster that you want to show to the people on the roadside, you can use the TIFF file format.

Note: You can’t use this format for the website because this will slow down the web page loading.

Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, 

A JPEG image format can be used to store more information in a small-size file in a compressed format. For example, if you want to take more photos on one camera card, then use JPEG format than other forms because files more files would be saved in a compressed format.

Most of the Digital Marketers use these kinds of Digital Marketing Images formats on the web because these kinds of files would load quickly as it creates a small file and looks good. 

Graphic Interchange Format

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format.

Just like JPEG, even GIF Compresses the images, but here when the image is compressed, no details are lost, and the file can’t be made as small as JPEG.

GIF is suitable for the web as it has a limited color range. Unlike JPEG, this cant is used for photography as it has a limited number of colors. GIFs can also be used for animations.

The best thing about GIF, which most of the Digital Marketers make use of it is its ability to be animated. As they look good, load quickly, and attract users, they are nowadays widely used as a form of Digital Marketing banner. If you want to drag the attention of any user then GIF Image will help you.

They also preserve simple line drawings and text well, support transparency and maintain pretty small file sizes. This would create attractive Digital Marketing Images and GIFs.

Portable Network Graphics 

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. GIF allows better compression and for a full range of color, which makes it suitable for web images. 

Being in the Digital Marketing Company, from Designers, Social Media Marketers to SEO Analyst everyone once in a while might have used screenshots where we have to mix different images and texts or have to use paint to represent something.

This is where the Digital Marketing Image PNG format would come in use. The PNG image format is best where we need to add a text or line art or some sketch.

As technology is evolving and there is a need for other formats of images. You should know that Digital Marketing Image format has been introduced in recent days. Few of these formats are:

Encapsulated PostScript

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. It has high-resolution printing of illustrations so it is considered the best choice of graphic format. Most of the digital marketers use it for printing to PostScript printers and imagesetters.

You can use Applications such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW to create and edit EPS File.

Before the emergence of AI File format, Most of the Digital Marketers used the EPS Digital Marketing Images format. Nowadays, EPS File format is not commonly used. It was used to create logos and graphics with some images in it. 

Adobe Illustrator

AI stands for Adobe® Illustrator. These files are created by adobe and you can create it in applications like Adobe Systems and Adobe Illustrator. These AI file formats are vector files. 

As Digital Marketer, AI can be used to create a logo.

While creating any kind of logos, you need to keep one thing in mind. Make sure you make the logo in an editable format so that it would be easy for you to edit the photos and even would be easy to be distributed and even to use different variations of photos in different places.

 It is used to create lightweight images that can be used on websites. It can be used to create beautiful illustrations. The usage of AI has increased in the market because it doesn’t lose its clarity even if someone zooms the images made with AI to the maximum level is AI makes high-quality images. As of now, this is mostly used in Digital Marketing Images format.

Photoshop Document

PSD stands for Photoshop Document. PSD files are created and edited with the help of Adobe software known as Adobe Photoshop, the most commonly used software for editing images. If you want to save any photoshop file, then it should be saved in PSD Format. PSD is considered to be the default format for saving photoshop files.

To work on any images, to edit it, to add text or color in any of the photos, it is import for the file format to be in PSD format. The images would be layered over one over another, even after the file is saved. 

For a Digital Marketer, if they want to create a Digital Marketing Images to add it in any social media or to create a logo, then one has to use the PSD file format.


After facing many issues in different image file formats, google has developed a file format known as WEBP. It has the features of JPGs and Digital Marketing PNGs, but few things that are better in WEBP are quality and compression.

Concept Google came up was, in WEBP, a user can decide if they want to maintain the image quality or keep the relative size minimum So, according to your requirements you can use WEBP Images.

This new file format gave Digital Marketers a big relief. Now Digital Marketers can decide what to do with Digital Marketing Images based on the requirements.

Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG Stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. As SVGs retain image quality, that’s why it became the most common vector image file.

It was difficult for the Developers and Digital Marketers to make Digital Marketing Images responsive, so SVG came up with great help. SVG is best for responsive images. And they were mostly used in web designs as we as creating company logo of different sizes without retaining its quality. 

Where to Use these Digital Marketing Images?

If you really want to use the Images then you can share the images in Many Social Networking Sites like Quora.


As you know know that about various formats of Digital Marketing Images and how it can be created and how these images are been used, you should start using these forms of Images. These images would not only make your website attractive but will also help you in ranking in the search engines.

In the end, If you are Creating a Good Image for your website or social media then you should you should know few techniques which will drag users attention towards your image, which will serve the purpose of the image.

Every Social Media has got its own image size. So you need to meet the requirements if you need to post there. To know how to do that you can talk to our experienced graphic designers who designs graphics for many platforms.



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There are so many formats of Images available. How to choose the best Digital Marketing Images? The best image would depend upon the image usage purpose.
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