YouTube Algorithm

YouTube Algorithm

Youtube algorithms decides which video should be displayed to the users based on the users interest and the search query based on many factors



Heard about the Youtube Algorithms ? If no, then in this article. I am going to share with you everything that you need to know about it. Don’t worry, I am not going to share with you any C, C++, Java, or any Other Programming Code or Any Technical thing over here.

Do you have any youtube channel for your business? If not then you should start now and start uploading videos. Videos are the future of marketing. No matter how bad a product might be, but with the help of Videos, you can reach out to a wider audience and make an impact.

If you already have a youtube channel and have uploaded your videos, using the Youtube Algorithms you can easily get more viewers for your video.

Yes! It is possible. You just need to know certain things about the YouTube Algorithm. 

When people search for certain things on youtube, the search results try to search for the Title, MetaTags, Description, Keywords in videos. If it matches, then it will display it to the user. Videos which has the maximum number of likes, comments, and watch time will be given more priority.

The other way is Recommended Stream.

This can be of two types:

  • Performance Analytics Data
  • Similar Data (Based on Users activity and Based on Similar kind of Activities)

Youtube usually shows what the user wants, but not the best videos. If you create the videos that users want to see, then there are more chances that youtube will show your videos at the top.

A few of the other places where the YouTube Algorithm will work is,

  • Your YouTube homepage
  • Trending Videos
  • Your notifications
  • Your subscriptions

Youtube Algorithms checks the following things and priorities the videos and displays it to the user whenever a user searches for a keyword in the search bar.

  • Whether people click on a video
  • How much time people spend on the platform after watching a video (session time)
  • How much time people spend watching a video 
  • How often a channel uploads new videos
  • How many likes, dislikes, comments, or shares a video gets 
  • How new a video is (new videos may get extra attention )
  • How quickly a video becomes popular

Youtube Algorithms focus on the following things:

impressions, views, thumbnail, title, time, or retention, engagement, view velocity, rate of growth, age of the video, session time, consistency.

Make sure you keep all these things in mind while creating your video.

The other factors that youtube considers are:

  • Which channels and topics have they watched in the past?
  • What don’t they watch?
  • What have they engaged with in the past?
  • How many times has this video already been surfaced for this person?
  • How much time do they spend watching?

So now you know the concept of the Youtube Algorithms. Now let’s talk about how to make use of this algorithm to get more views on your videos.

1) Make/Edit your Youtube channel

If you don’t have a channel then create one. If you have then edit it. Add Logo and Cover Image. Write the channel description.

2) Upload Videos

Upload videos related to your channel intent. Add videos that users would like to see. Add Proper Title related to the video, add descriptions, tags so that the youtube search engine can find your videos.

3) Be Consistent

Consistency values a lot. Youtube keeps checking the frequency of uploading videos. If your frequency reduces then there are chances that youtube won’t be valuing your channel.

4) Share it over Social Media

Social Media is a good source of getting organic traffic and youtube values organic traffic. Using a set of social media tools, you can share your videos on different social media.

5) Keyword Research

The first and the most important stage before creating any videos are doing the keyword research. Videos which is not done research will have low views as compared to those which has done with research.


Knowing about the Youtube Algorithms won’t help to grow your videos but implementing the techniques will help. If you have already tried it out and even then you fail to get views then feel free to contact us. Our experts over here will be ready to help you.



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Youtube algorithms decides which video should be displayed to the users based on the users interest and the search query based on many factors
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