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Google Ad Grants: Ads for Non Profit Organisations

Google Ad Grants is a specially designed online advertising solution from Google for the non-profit organization to get more donations and volunteers.



With Google Ad Grants, you can attract more people and get more donations. It is a specially designed online advertising solution from Google. Just like Google ads that work for corporates, Google Ad Grants works for the non-profit organization. With this, share your story with the world. Let the world know what you do.

Just like the Google AdWords Express, Even a newbie can Advertise for the Non Profits easily. You just need to know how to Advertise on Google.

Keep your ads next to the Google Search Results, reach out to more people, and make them aware of your cause and get more donations. Serve the purpose of using Google Grants.

Google Ad Grants are specially meant for advertising on google regarding the non-profits. By Advertising using the Google Ad Grands, there are chances that you’ll receive $10,000 in in-kind Google Ads advertising every month only If you’re a qualifying non-profit from Google. Display your message to people who are searching for non-profits if you want to get more donations. 

There are chances of getting More donations, and you will gain more volunteers if visibility is more So share your message with the people who are like-minded and who would like to get in touch with you. Using the Google Ad Grants, Let the humans donate to your cause.

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Google Ad Grants

Deeper insights on Ad Grands.

Use Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics, Once your ads are live, understand how your ads are performing. Figure out which keywords are suitable for your cause, find out what kind of ads are fetching more volunteers and driving donations? 

You don’t have to be a pro if you want to use Google Ad Grants. You can easily launch effective campaigns for non-profits with advertising solutions. You can use great tools to create, target, and optimize your campaigns. You’ll have total control of your campaigns always.

Your ads will appear next to Google search results once you publish your ads when people search for non-profits organizations. 

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • You cant video or images in your ads. Google Ad Grand only allows text-based Ads.
  • Your Ads will only appear in the Google Search Result Pages, not anywhere else.

How to Qualify for Google Ad Grants?

To qualify for Google Ad Grants, your organization must:

  • Apply to Google for Nonprofits. 
  • Your organization must hold valid charity status
  • Governmental organizations, hospitals, academic institutions are not eligible for Google for Nonprofits.
  • It would be best if you had Google’s certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt.
  • It would help if you had to Have a high-quality website that meets the Ad Grants website policy.
  • Get approved through the Ad Grants pre-qualification process after your organization is enrolled in Google for Nonprofits.

Keywords play a powerful role in Ads. Harness the power of the keywords to get more engagement and for maximum utilization. 

Pick keywords that you’d like to display on your ad for and assemble them into themed ad groups. Write 4-6 compelling ads per ad group. These should be related to the keywords in that ad group. According to the performance, the ads will automatically be prioritized.


If you are a non-profit organization looking to get more volunteers or more donations, then Google Ad Grands is the best option for you. I hope by reading this article, you are clear with how to use Grands. If you want to do keyword research for your non-profit to run ads on Google, feel free to contact us. Our experts will surely help you with that.



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1 thought on “Google Ad Grants: Ads for Non Profit Organisations”

  1. Adwords Express? Not been called that in years.

    These days only one RSA format ad is necessary per ad group.

    My best advice for nonprofits seeking an agency to write their ads: choose one that can spell properly.

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Google Ad Grants is a specially designed online advertising solution from Google for the non-profit organization to get more donations and volunteers.
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